• It processes an insulation film on the pretence of an enamel wire used for a transformer, a motor in a short time. The mass production that an electrical characteristic, the damage to the core wire minimized is possible.
  • Can exfoliate; the kind of the electric wire: enamel, formal, polyester, polyurethane enemelled wires (PVF/PUW/PEW), polyamide, amide-imide.


  • Resin and others, the housing painting remover which attached to a varnish component basket, a jig.
  • It is suitable to wash the encrustations such as a varnish component basket, the painting jig regularly and improve work characteristics.


  • Aluminum wheel coating detachment, coating detachment of the carbon product, detachment of other various coating equipment
  • It reuses a coating product out of the standard as a main use and realize recycling.

Other uses


  • Anti-reflective agent Sumi remover, Removal of overhanging UV curable adhesive.
  • It removes UV curable adhesive in the optic lens production as a main use effectively and improve productivity.


  • Burr softener of the semiconductor lead frame, remover of oxide such as copper frames, letter sign removal agent.
  • It lets burr occurring at the time of copper lead frame mold molding soften and can clean the copper surface oxidized at the same time and improve the quality of the product.